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At Advanced Medical and Weight Loss Center, it is our goal to help you get well and restore your body to an optimal state of functioning and wellness so that you can start living your best life.  

Finding the Root Cause:

Our functional medicine practice offers a patient-centered, research-based, science-driven approach to your health and wellness, focused on the root causes of chronic illness rather than simply treating symptoms with medications. Dr. Sidhu adopts a tailored approach for each patient, understanding that each patient is different and treating the patient not the illness.  

What We Do:

With extended appointment times, we get to know you as a person, not just your illness. A thorough medical history and lifestyle assessment help us to get a clear picture of your health. Advanced diagnostic testing is performed to help us detect disease triggers, deficienes, imbalances and possible toxicities.  A customized treatment plan is created for each patient, to help remove the things that may be causing your symptoms (such as toxins or inflammation) and replace the things you need to get better (such as vitamins and probiotics).    

Treatments can vary. Sometimes you may just need vitamins and supplements to get you back to feeling like yourself again, but sometimes, adding hormone replacement can greatly help. We only use bio-identical hormones (exactly match the hormones our bodies naturally make) and not the synthetic kind of drugs. 

Ongoing Support to Reach Your Health Goals:

To help you achieve your health goals, our team will support you, including health coaching if you need it.  Dr. Sidhu offers various wellness programs and a one time comprehensive Functional Health Evalution with on going membership or as needed follow ups.  

For your integrated functional medicine assessment and treatment plan, call or request an appointment online with Advanced Medical and Weight Loss Center today.