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Free Hormone Quiz


Self Assessment of Hormone Imbalances

This self-assessment is designed to help you determine if your symptoms could possibly be due to hormone imbalances.



Please check off the boxes that apply to you.

Do you have or have you experienced any of these symptoms in the past 6 months……

Low Progesterone
Low Testosterone
Low Estrogen
Low Thyroid
Excess Estrogen
Excess Testosterone
Stress/Cortisol Imbalance


IF you answered moderate to high to most symptoms you are most likely experiencing hormone imbalance.


Thank you for your time in completing this self-assessment. Please feel free to submit your symptom self-assessment to our clinic by hitting the submit button below. Dr. Sidhu can review this with you during your initial consultation and help you discover the most suitable therapy for your needs to help you get back to feeling your best again.

This self-assessment is designed for informational purposes only and does not substitute for a professional medical diagnosis.

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