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Headache and Migraine

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Headache and Migraine services offered in Alpharetta, GA

At Advanced Medical and Weight Loss Center Center, Dr. Sidhu offers patients an expert and FDA-approved treatment solution to achieve relief from chronic headaches, migraines, craniofacial pain, trigeminal neuralgia, or post-concussion headaches. A revolutionary new option, SphenoCath® SPG Block, has shown impressive reported success rates with very minimal risk. Contact our office at 770-467-3967 to learn more.

Headaches are among the most common medical complaints of patients. Severe headaches and migraines are leading causes of disability throughout the United States with studies showing women being more affected than men.

Headache is a very general term used to describe pain focused on the head area. Headaches can either be primary (meaning headache is the main symptom and not due to any underlying cause). These include cluster headaches and tension headaches. Or headaches can be considered secondary (headache is caused by another condition such as brain tumor, sinusitis, stroke, dehydration, etc).

A migraine is a type of primary headache that includes symptoms other than pain. Typically, migraine symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to sound, smell, and light. 

What is SpehnoCath® SPG Block?

SphenoCath®  is a unique and specially designed medical device to assist health care professionals in injecting small amounts of medication into the nasal passage. It is a tiny soft applicator used to deliver a SPG (sphenopalatine ganglion) nerve block directly to the entire SPG apparatus in the back of the nasal cavity without the use of needles.  The SPG nerve bundle has been a specific target for the treatment of severe headache pain over the years. It is connected to a number of different pain-associated issues in the head, including episodic and chronic migraine, and trigeminal neuralgia. The SphenoCath® device allow us to deliver medication right to the source of the pain.

It should only be administered by a qualified licensed and trained health care provider. 

Quick & Simple In-Office Procedure

In as little as a few minutes, Dr. Sidhu can perform this simple procedure that can provide immediate and long lasting relief.  Patients may return to normal activites immediately. It is safe for all ages including children and pregnant women. While some patients report minor discomfort from the insertion, the procedure is mostly painless.

How long does the relief last?

Every patient is different, some may experience relief lasting days, weeks or even months.  Average relief time is 3 months. It can also prevent future migraine attacks.

SphenoCath® SPG Block Benefits:

A quick, simple, and painless in-office procedure. 

Helpful for patients with migraines despite medications

Helpful for patients who cannot take medications

Non-invasive – no needles or skin puncture

Quick and possible long-lasting relief

Performed in office


At Advanced Medical and Weight Loss Center, we do not submit claims to insurance companies. However, we can provide patients with a superbill detailed with the relevant CPT and ICD-10 codes that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. The SphenoCath® treatment may cost no more than monthly costs of migraine medications (which is better for your wallet). For specific pricing information contact our scheduling department at 770-467-3975.

For more information or to schedule a migraine or headache treatment consultation call (770) 467-3975 or request an appointment by clicking the link below.